Membership Application 

The Mortar Board membership application deadline is Thursday, February 11th at 8pm. No exceptions. The online application can be found here.

Fourty-five applicants will be selected for membership. The ceremonial membership tapping will occur virtually in March.

Have more questions? See our Membership Applications FAQs below. If your question has not been answered on the FAQs page, please contact Mortar Board Senior Advisor Cassie Neel at [email protected].

Advantages of Membership

Membership in Mortar Board is not only an honor but an opportunity to become associated with a national organization which will bring you lifelong enjoyment and recognition. Additionally, membership provides:

  • Opportunities to meet and work with accomplished students from a multitude of disciplines and age groups
  • Opportunities for career placement and advancement through contacts with Mortar Board Alumni
  • Opportunities to be considered for a local Mortar Board scholarship which is awarded annually to an outstanding member of the Cap and Gown Chapter
  • Opportunities to apply for National Mortar Board Fellowships

Membership in Mortar Board will offer you a fulfilling year of service to your university and community.

Membership Eligibility

Criteria for admission to Mortar Board at SDSU:

  • Full-time student at SDSU with senior standing for the fall semester and an SDSU GPA and overall grade point average of 3.2 or better (no exceptions)
  • Participation and excellence in the following three areas: scholarship, leadership, and service (only those students who have excelled in all three areas will be considered)

Membership in Mortar Board means active involvement and a commitment to serve the university and the community.

Membership Obligations

  • One-time national fee of $80
  • Local dues set by chapter: $10
  • Monthly meetings
  • Serving on a committee
  • Participating in membership selection, tapping, initiation, and special events

Membership Application FAQs 

How does Mortar Board define senior standing?

  • A student is considered a senior when they have completed 90 or more units. We accept students who will be seniors in the Fall of 2021, so we count units completed and units in progress for Spring of 2021.

If I plan to study abroad in the Fall of 2021 or in the Spring of 2022, am I still eligible for Mortar Board?

  • Yes. If you choose to study abroad, you are exempt from active participation for that semester, but you must be active for at least one semester in Mortar Board.